Coffee Date

Coffee dates are a classic and reliable option for those seeking a casual yet intimate setting for getting to know someone. Whether you opt for a to-go cup and a leisurely stroll or hunker down in a cozy coffee shop, there is something about the ambiance of a cafe that encourages good conversation and comfortable silence.

However, some may find themselves unsure about the meaning of a coffee date. Is it simply a friendly catch-up, or is there potential for a romantic connection? In this blog, we are referring to the latter – a coffee date as a potential stepping stone towards a romantic relationship.

No matter the purpose, coffee dates are an opportunity to indulge in a hot cup of joe and savor the moment. So why not suggest a coffee date for your next potential romantic encounter and see where it takes you?

While this specific blog is dedicated to all things coffee date related and will answer all your questions on things like what to talk about on a coffee date, and how long a coffee date should last, we do have other resources for those wanting to dig deeper into the world of coffee. If you’re interested in The Best Coffee San Francisco has to offer, Make sure that you click on that link. It gives an amazing breakdown of the best coffee spots in the city, but also talks more about the history of coffee and its importance in our society.


Is coffee a good first date?

In short, yes. It allows you to meet a new person romantically with no pressure for it to last a certain amount of time if it’s not going well. Plus at coffee shops there is really a beverage for everyone. Even if you aren’t the type that likes that specific caffeinated drink, you can always get an herbal tea, iced tea, and often there are additional beverages available. You can also take the coffee to go and stroll and adventure around your city or enjoy the cozy setting of a coffee shop!

Coffee Date Tips

What to talk about over coffee?

This is totally dependent on what you want to learn on your date, and how you want to portray yourself.

While you should plan to be true to yourself on a date, depending on how naturally verbose you are, it could be a good idea to come up with first coffee date questions. We recommend questions that will help you figure out if you have similar interests and values, and get to know your date deeper. Stay away from questions that would lead to one-word answers as they don’t get the conversation going. For instance – what was your favorite place you’ve ever been and why? Or what is your proudest accomplishment? If you value family – ask about family traditions. Anything that will get the person to share values and help you connect.

If you want to seem knowledgeable about coffee itself, here is a refresher on coffee facts to get you going.

How long should a first coffee date last?

It all depends on how much chemistry there is between you. If you are both enjoying each other’s company, the date should last about an hour at which point it may be appropriate to suggest a second date. You can always stay as long as you want, or suggest a new activity to move onto since another activity might be more exciting and a better way to get to know your date.

If you’re deciding whether to do coffee or lunch first date – we generally recommend planning a coffee date later in the morning that can always turn into lunch if it’s going well, but can easily end after coffee is consumed if you aren’t feeling the connection. Here are some other first date ideas in San Francisco if you are looking for alternatives. And if you’re looking for a full itinerary and help planning a romantic getaway with your loved one, Make sure to check out our comprehensive blog post, The Best San Francisco Romantic Getaway Guide,

It’s truly the a step by step guide to creating the most romantic San Francisco

If you’re looking for a great coffee shop instead of a sit-down café, we recommend Biscoff Coffee Corner on PIER 39 on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.

Good luck!