First Date Ideas in San Francisco

That moment when you land a date, you’re stoked, and then realize, you need to come up with first date ideas. Gulp. Do you just take your date to a bar? No, that’s boring. Do you search: places to go on a date near me?

There are so many good places to go on a date that you don’t have to just pick your local watering hole. Rather than just drink, there are tons of fun things to do on a first date that will help break the ice instead of awkwardly make small talk with no distractions. 

Where to go on a first date

Wine Tasting

The best first date ideas show your date a bit of your personality and interests so you can tell if you have a connection. Love wine? Plan a wine tasting date that will allow you to show off your knowledge and see if your date enjoys the same hobbies you do. You can even buy a few bottles of wine, cover the label, and do a guessing game of what type of wine you are tasting and see who can get it right.

Coffee Walk

Another idea for what to do on a first date could be grabbing coffee at your favorite coffee shop and going for a walk to explore. If you are doing a lot of dating you might get tired of things to do on a first date always being related to alcohol. Many times when people go out the first date ideas involve alcohol because it makes you more relaxed from first date jitters but this can get exhausting if you are dating a lot to find that special partner. A coffee walk is the perfect first date idea because you really get to know the person sober and can easily end the date quickly or extend as long as you are both having fun since you can always walk a little further. 

Play Two Truths and A Lie

This is a great first date idea because it helps you get to know the unique parts of your date quickly. And, you don’t have to keep the conversation going with things you think of since the truths and a lie about the person will leave you with tons of questions wanting to learn more about the facts they say about themselves. 


One of the best things to do on a first date is to have fun activities to do and explore to give you things to talk about and really get to know your date. Of all places in San Francisco, PIER 39 has tons of attractions, shops and restaurants to fully enjoy yourselves and have a great time while eating delicious food. 

Of all these good first date ideas, it will of course depend on your personality and that of your date to pick the right thing. Then again, if it’s the right person you really cant go wrong of where to go on a date since you will find a way to connect no matter what you are doing. What is meant to be will be. We hope you have fun with these first date ideas above and they help you as you date going forward.